Elevating Cannabis Experiences at Oxford’s Pioneer Dispensary

At the heart of Oxford, you’ll find much more than world-renowned academia, it’s also home to the pioneering SOAR Dispensary. Nestled amidst the city’s historic charm, SOAR is revolutionizing perceptions of cannabis by providing an elevated, informative and welcoming experience. Since it’s inception, SOAR has been constantly pushing boundaries and breaking taboos, to dispel lingering myths about cannabis.

Founded with a deep belief in the many medicinal and wellbeing benefits of cannabis, their core mission is to empower their patrons with rightful knowledge, before guiding them towards the ideal strain or product from their extensive and curated range. SOAR Dispensary is not just a hub for the highest quality cannabis products in Oxford, but also a space that encourages exploration, understanding, and open conversation.

This unwavering dedication to education, inclusivity, and unparalleled quality has transformed SOAR from a humble local dispensary to a beloved community cornerstone. So, enter the doors of SOAR and elevate your cannabis journey amidst the historic grandeur of Oxford.