P37 Cannabis – Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry in New Mexico

Situated in the heart of New Mexico, P37 Cannabis has been a pioneering force, carving out a niche in the cannabis industry. Counting two thriving dispensaries in Sunland Park and Gallup, P37 Cannabis has cemented its position as the leading provider of medical-grade cannabis.

Strategic Dispensary Locations

Our Sunland Park and Gallup dispensaries, strategically situated, reach the vast population in these areas. We offer a wide variety of medical grade cannabis in various forms to meet the unique needs of our clients.

P37 Cannabis’ commitment to unparalleled quality, lasting innovation, and exceptional customer service has garnered it widespread recognition and satisfaction amongst its existing clientele.

Prohibition 37 – A Step Above

Under the historic brand name, ‘Prohibition 37’, the company evokes the end of banning, symbolising a torchbearer of freedom and rebel against past constraints. This messaging instills in its clients a sense of trust, freedom and control over their health and therapeutic needs.

P37 Cannabis is not just a dispensary; it is an exemplar brand, a lifestyle, an aspiration. Immerse in the revolution that is P37, as we continue to redefine the cannabis experience in New Mexico.