Uncle Ike’s: Lighting Up The Trails To Wellness

When you step into Uncle Ike’s, you don’t simply walk into a pot shop – you step inside a harbor of hope, nestled across the heart of Washington. A glittering oasis for many in search of alternatives that bust stress, alleviate pain, and restore wellness.

Branches of Care

In communities spanning from West Seattle to Lake City, from Medina to Seahurst, we are seen as more than a marijuana dispensary. We are the caring neighbor, the trusted friend, the go-to cannabis store that’s embedded in the community.

Quality and Care, From Seed To Store

Our continuity of care stretches from the cultivated fields to our meticulously arranged pot shops. The cannabis space takes root in the fertile soils of Kirkland, yielding superior strains of marijuana in our in-house farms. Hand-picked, cured to perfection, and inspected for quality—every step is geared to deliver on our promise: Grade A marijuana for you.

In a world often clouded with confusion over cannabis use, Uncle Ike’s serves to demystify, educate, and pave the way towards a brighter, healthier future. We are more than your traditional weed dispensary. We are Uncle Ike’s — your partner in wellness.